A year later: Cafe Racer lives on | The Seattle Times

Thursday, May 30, 2013 // Share on Facebook

A year later: Cafe Racer lives on | The Seattle Times.

The wooden bar had seen better days. The brass rail behind it tended to wobble. The place itself could seem haphazard, as if its interior decorator was entropy.

That’s just the way things were at Cafe Racer, and nobody seemed to mind.

Owner Kurt Geissel
has always been a creative type at heart, a guy with a crazy mop of white hair who’s done sculpture and video art on the side. Part of the counterculture, if you can still call it that.

There was no grand plan. His marketing scheme seemed to be simply that oddballs attract. Geissel’s artsy friends drew musicians who overlapped with university profs who crisscrossed with scooter freaks and on and on until the place became a salad bowl of subcultures — a sort of Island of Misfit Toys, where all were welcome and eccentricities were embraced. . . .